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Symbols of the Qatar World Cup adorned by Arab culture

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Abla Goufi 5 November 2022

Set to start on November 20th, FIFA World Cup 2022 will be hosted in the Middle East for the first time in its history. When designing the symbols of the long-awaited Qatar World Cup, it is clear that the gulf country proudly drew inspiration from Arab and Middle Eastern culture.
Here is a list of the most notable symbols



The ‘FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022’ logo is designed using the white and burgundy (annabi) colours of the Qatari flag, with the number 8 referring to the newly-built World Cup stadiums. But according to organisers, the logo also cleverly symbolises the “endless” legacy this World Cup will leave in Qatar after its conclusion, the traditional Qatari headwear, and even the ripples of the country’s desert dunes.

The floral motifs at the bottom of the logo evoke traditional Arab art, while the two points around the football at the top left and the stretch at the centre of the word “Qatar” utilize Arabic calligraphy.



The World Cup mascot ” La’eeb” (Arabic word meaning super-skilled player) symbolises the Gulf region’s traditional Ghutra and Agal (Arab headdress) that can be seen everywhere on the streets of Doha.



The official poster, which appears at terminal “D-18” in Hamad International Airport, is a black-and-white image of a hand raised towards the sky waving a Ghutra and Agal.

The top of the poster features a football with the Qatari flag colours and the word “Hayaa” (Come on) with “2022”. “Hayaa” is also the official title given to fan cards designated for entering the stadiums and using transportation for free.
The poster was designed by Qatari artist Bouthayna Al-Muftah, who designed seven other black and white posters representing football artistic movements in the midst of the desert.



Much of the world cup stadium design inspiration is drawn from elements of the region’s culture, including “Al Thumama” which represents the Ghutra, “El-Bayt” inspired by Bedouin tents, “Al Janoub” symbolizing traditional boats, and “Lusail” which is akin to fanar lanterns.



World Cup
Qatar World Cup 2022 (Unsplash)


Previous World Cups were famous for one song; but the Qatar Championships will have many official songs. The first song is titled “Hayya, Hayya,” bringing together an array of talents, including American singer Trinidad Cardona, Nigerian-American Davido and Qatari Aisha.


Countdown clock

The countdown clock is designed to mimic the World Cup logo, which can also be interpreted as an hourglass. It was installed on the Doha Corniche, against a backdrop of Doha’s stunning skyline. (



Source: TRT Arabi

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