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UK travel advice lifted for 32 countries.. Here is the list 

بريطانيا تتراجع عن نصيحتها بعدم السفر لـ 32 بلدا.. إليكم القائمة
Local 7 October 2021

The UK had previously advised its citizens to avoid travelling to a certain list of countries unless necessary. It has now lifted that advice on 32 countries, with more to come soon.

What does this mean for travellers?

The lifting of the governmental advice will most likely mean that travel insurances will cover people travelling to these 32 countries again. Many companies used that advice as a reference point to exclude cover, says Sky News.

However, just because the UK opened to these destination does not mean they are allowing international arrivals. Travellers should check entry requirements for the country they aim to visit beforehand.

The government may reintroduce the rules in “exceptional circumstances”, according to Sky News, such as if local healthcare is being overwhelmed by a COVID outbreak.

The UK will no longer advise travellers not to visit specific countries for Covid-19 reasons. However, it may do so because of other circumstances, such as instability in the destination. Travel insurers will continue to not cover them in this case.

This is the full list of countries and territories that travel advice has been eased for:

Algeria Madagascar
Armenia Malaysia
Bangladesh Marshall Islands
Belarus Micronesia
Benin Nauru
Comoros Sao Tome and Principe
Tokelau and Niue Senegal
Djibouti Solomon Islands
Equatorial Guinea Togo
Fiji Tonga
The Gambia Tuvalu
Guinea Vanuatu
Kazakhstan Congo
Kiribati American Samoa
Kosovo French Polynesia
Liberia Ghana

These specific countries were chosen due to improved public health in them, better understanding of the virus, and the decreased risk to people coming from the UK as a result of the vaccine rollout.

Source: Sky News

Learn all about the new travel procedures here.


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