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UK Commits Additional Funding to Protect Mosques

UK Commits Additional Funding to Protect Mosques
ديمة خالد 11 March 2024

The UK government has announced a significant commitment to enhance security measures for Islamic mosques, faith schools and community centers across the country. In an effort to stop hate crimes and protect places of worship, the government will allocate more than £117 million over the next four years.

Safeguarding Mosques, Faith Schools, and Community Centers

بريطانيا تزيد مخصصات حماية المساجد لتصل 117 مليونا بحلول 2028 - UK Commits Additional Funding to Protect Mosques

These vital institutions play a crucial role in the lives of British Muslims, and the government aims to ensure their safety and security.

This year alone, the government has made £29.4 million available for protective security measures. An additional £4.9 million has been allocated following the events in Palestine on October 7. This commitment reflects the government’s determination to address the rising concerns around religious hatred.

In parallel, the Prime Minister has pledged more than £70 million over the next four years to the Community Security Trust (CST), which focuses on protecting Jewish community sites. Schools, synagogues, and other facilities used by the Jewish community will benefit from increased security measures.

Addressing Concerns Amidst Global Tensions

حماية المساجد في بريطانيا - UK Commits Additional Funding to Protect Mosques
protecting mosques

Funding distribution was carefully considered, taking into account the number of community sites used by each faith group. British Muslims constitute a population fourteen times larger than that of British Jews in England and Wales.

Recent events in the Middle East, particularly the Israel-Hamas conflict, have unfortunately fueled indefensible hatred against both Muslim and Jewish communities. The government’s commitment aims to provide reassurance that anti-Muslim abuse, threats, harassment, or any form of hate crime will not be tolerated.

UK Commits Additional Funding to Protect Mosques

Today’s announcement signifies a long-term commitment to protecting religious communities. By investing in protective security measures, the UK government seeks to ensure that the Muslim community can worship and thrive without fear.

For more information contact the Home Office news desk on 0300 123 3535 or out of hours on 07623 514 628. To apply for the Protective Security for Mosques scheme, further information and the application form can be found at this link Protective security schemes for places of worship (



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