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UK TREND: Twitter’s reaction to 999 phone line failure

Twitter's reaction to 999 phone line failure
فريق التحرير 26 June 2023

Following a “technical fault” that affected multiple police forces, the Metropolitan Police advised the public against dialing 999 and instead suggested using the alternative number, 101. Expressing concern, Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf described the situation as a “saga” and revealed an ongoing collaboration with Scottish Fire and Rescue to address the issue.

Reaction to 999 phone line failure

Police advised the public against dialing 999
Police advised the public against dialing 999 (Pixabay)

The news sparked a trending topic on Twitter, with users expressing shock and asserting that this incident further exemplifies the perceived decline of the country.

The public was taken aback by the unexpected failure of the 999 phone lines, assuming that a country like Britain would have reliable backup systems in place. Expressing their disbelief, they took to Twitter, stating that this incident is indicative of a deteriorating country, and questioning how such a critical service could falter.

Additionally, individuals questioned why such a significant incident did not trigger the national alert system to safeguard the well-being of the nation’s residents.

Several police forces, including West Yorkshire, Hampshire, and South Wales police, took to Twitter to address the situation. Nevertheless, not all individuals are active on social media platforms, resulting in potential consequences for uninformed people.

A Twitter user provided evidence of the severe repercussions faced by individuals due to the phone lines being inaccessible. In her tweet, she highlighted the distressing situation where people experiencing seizures attempted to seek assistance since 6 am in the morning but received no response.

Another user on Twitter recounted the troublesome ordeals faced by both herself and her family members, which they attributed to the state of affairs in “broken Britain.” In her tweet, she mentioned being stranded on the M1 highway due to a collision while her parents were stuck at St Pancras station due to a power outage, in addition to the unavailability of the 999 phone lines.

Several individuals took to Twitter, expressing their intention to stay at home and avoid taking any risks, given the unavailability of the 999 phone lines.

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