Travel red list will soon contain only seven countries

In another travel procedures update, The UK is set to remove 47 destinations off the red list, leaving it with only seven countries.

As of 4 AM on Monday October 11, travellers from the 47 countries will no longer need to quarantine upon arrival, reports Sky News.

The only countries remaining on the red list are Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps also announced governmental approval of vaccine programs in 37 more countries. Travellers will no longer have to commit to a 10-day quarantine upon arrival or even take a pre-departure test.

The destinations include:



Hong Kong

South Africa





Mr Shapps added that later this month, fully vaccinated travellers from approved countries will be able to take a lateral flow test on day two after arriving, instead of a pricey PCR test.

If they test positive then they will be given a free PCR test to confirm, says Sky News.

All of the new measures apply only to people arriving into England and Wales. Therefore, travellers are advised to check the Foreign Office website for countries they wish to travel to as many are not allowing international visitors. (

Scotland and Northern Ireland are yet to announce their stance on the new measures, but they are likely to follow suit. At least, they often did so throughout the pandemic.

Source: Sky News

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