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1445 جمادى الأولى 18 | 01 ديسمبر 2023

Those who damage the image of Taraweeh

Those who damage the image of Taraweeh
عدنان حميدان 4 April 2022

Muslims enjoy and love Ramadan’s rituals, as the Taraweeh prayer brings them all together, standing in rows next to each other, hands facing the skies, asking God to grant them mercy and his divine.


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Taraweeh Prayer
Taraweeh Prayer (Unsplash)


To the worshippers

But one can see that such a beautiful ritual is ruined by simple human nature, below is some examples:

  1. Randomly parking their cars around the mosque, blocking other cars or driveways, in the hope to try and catch the prayer
  2. Turning the mosque into a place where they can whisper and talk, disturbing other worshippers around them!
  3. Not wearing appropriate clothes or eating foods that have a strong/bad smell.
  4. rushing outside the mosque when done, and pushing other worshippers out of the way
  5. Leaving their shoes in the way and not putting them in the designated place
  6. Wasting water when performing Wudu – Pre Prayer Washing –
  7. Raising their voices when leaving mosques at night, especially in Western countries, has a negative impact on non-Muslim neighbours of the mosque.


about Ramadan
Praying Man in A Mosque (Unsplash)



To the Mosque’s committee

However, this burden does not only rely on the worshippers, but some Imams and mosque committees do have bad habits too; such as:

  1. Not choosing a right Imam that sounds good
  2. Not taking into account Muslims who work early hours when taking long in the prayer
  3. But also, not taking enough time praying and speeding up the prayer.
  4. Giving the opportunity for those who chose to sound good instead of reading the Quran good


Some Muslims fall within one of the below scenarios or more:

  1. Never going to the mosque
  2. Not going to the mosque with his family to encourage his kids to go in the future.
  3. Going to the mosque and taking his/her family and kids – and this one is the best of all
  4. Goes to the mosque regularly but might be doing one of the above mistakes.


about Ramadan
Mosque in Turkey (Unsplash)


Before I conclude, I must say to the mosques committees and administrations, Thank you for your efforts and for always volunteering, but you should be a role model in society.

Hence, the phone, e-mail, and all means of communication related to the mosque are neither a luxury nor an adornment, and they must be activated and taken care of, as many struggles to communicate with the mosque when they wish.

Some Muslims harm their fasting, Ramadan in general and the Tarawih Sunnah in particular, when they neglect to take care of basic etiquette, which in return harms the religion.


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