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UK TREND : The public’s reaction to the thunderstorms in the UK

The public's reaction to the thunderstorms in the UK
فريق التحرير 13 June 2023

The Met Office has recently issued an amber thunderstorm warning encompassing the northwest of England and Wales due to the occurrence of flash floods and power disruptions across the country. Commuters returning home are encountering torrential downpours and difficult driving conditions, as certain roads are witnessing water accumulation of more than one foot.

Thunderstorms in the UK

thunderstorms in UK
The Met Office issues a thunderstorm warning

Twitter users have made the hashtag #thunderstorms trending, as they share images and videos depicting the weather conditions in their localities. Particularly, scenes of the motorway have been widely shared, as they are causing significant challenges for travellers.

Individuals were taken aback by the sudden shift in weather during the summer season, finding themselves unexpectedly drenched with what felt like “ice cubes.”

Twitter users expressed their astonishment at the rapid weather transformation. A Buckingham resident captured a video of the stormy rain outside their local Tesco and shared, “It was sunny when I entered Tesco, but it turned into a monsoon when I came out. I only went in for two items!”

Twitter users were also actively sharing mesmerizing pictures of the lightning that occurred in various regions, including Blackpool.

A different Twitter user shared a captivating image of the thunderstorm making its way through Lancashire.

A mesmerizing video circulated on social media, featuring security footage capturing the moment a lightning bolt struck a tree outside someone’s workplace.

Amid the challenging weather conditions, certain individuals found humour in the situation, sharing videos of the “ice cube” rain along with captions like “Free ice cubes in London today.”


Twitter users have also taken to the platform to express their admiration for the rain and thunderstorm, particularly after enduring a heatwave in the UK over the past few days. One user, despite not typically being fond of thunderstorms, shared their perspective, stating, “The thunderstorm we experienced this afternoon was quite remarkable, to be honest. It had an epic feel to it.”

Thunderstorms and heavy rain hit parts of the UK

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