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The famous singer of ‘Hello’ Adele announces new album

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Local 5 October 2021

The famous British singer Adele announced to her fans she is releasing new album very soon, and the first song’s release date is already announced.

Adele has announced that she will be giving her fans new music in ten days. The Tottenham native surprised fans by telling them that new music from her forthcoming album is to be dropped on October 15.

She broke the news with a clip of her new music video being shared on her Twitter account on Tuesday, reported the Mirror.

The short video contains the opening bars of a piano-led track titled ‘Easy On Me’.

In the black and white clip, the singer is captured inserting a cassette into a car stereo and driving down a country lane while pieces of paper fly out of the windows of her car.

Fans have since taken to social media to express their utter excitement over te comeback of Hello’s singer. Her last album, titles 25, came out November 2015. It featured the worldwide popular song Hello and won 8 different awards

Rumours confirmed

Rumours have circulated of Adele releasing new music recently, because she changed all of her social media account to a new theme of deep teal and black.

Their belief adds on to a mysterious stunt across the world last weekend, where the number 30 was screened across billboards and projected onto buildings in major cities, says the Mirror. The number was spotted in Ireland, Dubai, Rome, Tokyo and London.

Image taken from twitter of a Dubai building displaying ’30’

The 33-year-old released 19 in 2008, 21 in 2011, and 25 in 2015.

Source: The Mirror

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