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UK Trend : The failure of the Home Secretary to provide a legal method for asylum seekers ignites social media platforms

UK Trend : The failure of the Home Secretary to provide a legal method for asylum seekers ignites social media platforms
فريق التحرير 24 November 2022

Hashtag #HomeSecretary topped UK trends on social media platforms as members of the public – as well as high profile individuals – have been condemning current home secretary Suella Braverman for her shortcomings and lack of knowledge regarding the system she’s in charge of.


The issues became widespread after Braverman was asked by parliamentary members how a hypothetical asylum applicant might enter the UK lawfully and safely.




Suella Braverman embarrasses herself

the failure of Home Secretary
Consensus on the failure of Home Secretary Suella Braverman


Popular television figures such as Piers Morgan resorted to Twitter to comment on how unfit the home secretary is for her position as it is apparent ‘she doesn’t know what she is doing.’ Referring to how her cluelessness is worrisome to UK citizens, he sarcastically says, ‘How comforting.’


Lewis Goodall, Paul Brand, and numerous other well-known figures criticised the home secretary’s inadequate response at the parliamentary hearing.

Members of parliament, particularly those from the labour party, such as Jess Phillips and Yvette Cooper, expressed their frustration with the Home Secretary for appearing to have no understanding of the “system” that she oversees. Not only does she appear to be ignorant of the problems, but she also lacks the knowledge necessary to address them.



UK Public Outrage


The fact that she holds such a significant position in society yet is unable to respond to a straightforward question infuriated members of the public as well.


Numerous more vented their rage towards the conservative party, the government, and Rishi Sunak in particular since they held him responsible for the home secretary’s mistakes because it was he who decided to keep her in her position after Liz Truss left office.



Shadow Government Inquiry


Tim Loughton, Tory MP, questioned the home secretary during her appearance before the Home Affairs Select Committee about how a 16-year-old orphan from an “East African country” who was fleeing a conflict zone to join a brother living in the UK could enter the country safely and legally.


When asked about immigration by MPs, the home secretary was unable to explain how asylum seekers could enter the UK legitimately.


Mr. Loughton persisted, demanding she explains how the hypothetical orphan would enter the UK if they weren’t from one of the countries with established UK asylum policies—Syria, Afghanistan, or Ukraine.

Braverman explained that the process would begin if a person applied for asylum upon arrival.

However, Mr. Loughton emphasised that they were unable to enter the UK lawfully to begin with and predicted that they would be compelled to cross the Channel illegally. (Alprazolam)

Mrs. Braverman asked her permanent secretary or the clandestine Channel threat commander, who were both seated next to her, to respond since she was unable to explain how the asylum seeker could enter the country legitimately!

Suella Braverman, the home secretary, acknowledged that the UK government had not been successful in policing its borders and attributed the mayhem at Kent’s Manston processing centre to immigrants and people traffickers.




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