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Court victory for victims of human trafficking against the Ministry

فريق التحرير 13 October 2021

Amid conservative efforts to lessen the number of immigrations coming to the UK. Human trafficking victims achieve victory in court against the home minister.

Asylum seekers are to be allowed to work, study, and access benefits during their application being processed, reports the Telegraph.

Human trafficking victims have no option but to seek asylum in the UK upon arrival. Previously, the Government would send them back to their country where there is risk of trafficking once more.

When they do apply for asylum or humanitarian protection, however, they are faced with years of uncertainty. All the while, they are forbidden from accessing any benefits from the country.

But a trafficking victim’s lawyer, Ahmed Aydeed of Duncan Lewis Solicitors, welcomed the ruling. He said: “The decision will have implications,” Mr Aydeed added. “It will affect hundreds of people if not more. (Provigil) ”

The Ruling details 

The ruling was made on Tuesday following a lawsuit by a Vietnamese woman who was a victim of sex trafficking, yet the Home Office refused to recognize her as such during her asylum-seeking process. She started said process in 2018.

Even when the Home Office finally recognized her victim status, her application was still not being processed. The victim decided to take legal action against the Home Secretary. On October 12th 2021, she achieved victory for all human trafficking victims.

Mr Aydeed celebrated the ruling. “Our client and other survivors will finally have access to education, training and they’ll finally have the right to work. Not only will this assist survivors of trafficking but it will also provide a direct financial benefit to the public purse,” the Telegraph quoted.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “We are carefully considering the implications of this judgment. A decision on whether to appeal or not will be made in due course.”

Source: Telegraph

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