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UK TREND : Attacks on The Daily Mail on Twitter

UK TREND : Attacks on The Daily Mail on Twitter
فريق التحرير 25 January 2023

The Daily Mail is a London-based middle-market daily tabloid newspaper and news website.

Following their most recent front-page article about the tax burden, The Daily Mail has come under fire from the public, with the hashtag #DailyMail trending on Twitter.

People were infuriated by the article’s title and content, especially in light of the fact that Lord Rother mere, its billionaire owner, doesn’t even pay taxes.

The Daily Mail infuriates Brits on social media

Many people criticised The Daily Mail’s front-page article, and much of their disdain stemmed from the fact that it used a Tufton Street organisation as the source of the study, thus , giving inaccurate information.

The article, which demonised those who are legally entitled to benefits and complained about tax contributions while their own owner, Lord Rother mere, “doesn’t even pay any tax,” outraged the public.

Twitter users highlighted that “ The daily Mail is owned by a company registered in Bermuda to avoid paying tax”. In this article the Daily Mail were claiming that “high earners pay more tax which is not fair. However, this is not even the case for the billionaire tax dodging boss who doesn’t even pay a penny in tax due to having non-Dom status”.

Individuals thought rather than the newspaper focusing on demonising their poor readers , they “ should ask their owner why he doesn’t pay taxes”.

Twitter user Russ Jones tweeted his displeasure with The Daily Mail for yet again “ lacking context in their pieces, which only leaves The Daily Mail readers ignorant, misled, and angry at the wrong thing”.

It was also highlighted that following “ the weekend that Zahawis illegal tax affairs were revealed the Daily Mail comes out attacking poor people, somehow placing the blame on them”.

How Daily Mail readers could fall for its diversion and demonization was being questioned. Instead of the wealthy evading taxes, it blames the millions of dollars that are not being paid in tax on hardworking people. For instance, the Daily Mail’s owner, a non-Dom, who does not pay any taxes to the UK

The Daily Mail were referred to as “ the ultimate tax dodgers”.

People were confused as to why anyone would buy or read such a paper as the Daily Mail.” Absolute trash paper”.

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