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“Non-White” … A Show by The Comedian Alaa Abudiab 2023

"Non-White" ... A Show by The Comedian Alaa Abudiab
فريق التحرير 30 April 2023

For the second year, Alaa Abudiab presents a remarkable stand-up comedy show in London. The show included political satire that left everyone there laughing their hearts out.

The Marsam Foundation in Britain hosted and organised Alaa’s show and other Arab artists’ shows throughout the year. The theatre was packed on Saturday evening 04/29/2023 with attendance from various Arab nationalities.


“Non-White’ Stand-up Comedy Show


مش أبيض.. الكوميديان علاء أبو دياب يتألق في لندن


“Non-White” by Alaa Abu Diab, is an Arab comedy show presented by the Syrian Arab comedian George Al-Ain. Alaa kicked it off with jokes about Brexit, then made political jokes about the situation after the Ukrainian war in the Arab countries, the situation in Palestine, and of course, about being a Non-White in the diaspora.

The Palestinian comedian Alaa Abu Diab, who presented his first show on stage in Malmö, Sweden, in 2017, is known for mocking how governments silence people and retrain their freedom.


Comedia Alaa Abudiab



Unlike other comedians, Alaa Abudiab only performs once a year across several cities. His shows are always spontaneous and very interactive with the crowds which makes them unique to usual comedy stand-ups

Alaa Abu Diab insists every time on confirming his mention of his conviction and the positions and anecdotes that come to his mind, without concern for the accounts of states or the considerations of officials, and this supports the feeling of the Arab public in Britain and abroad more about Alaa expressing them freely, and giving them a space of laughter mixed with bitterness due to criticism of reality The political and social life that our Arab society lived through, Alaa Abu Diab’s fans in Germany are on a date with him at an upcoming concert on the road on May 13, 2023 in Berlin.

The work of comedian Alaa Abu Diab can be viewed first-hand through his website.


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