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Celebrating Ramadan at the Manchester Yemeni Forum

Celebrating Ramadan at the Manchester Yemeni Forum
ديمة خالد 27 March 2024

In the heart of Manchester, a Ramadan gathering infused with a spirit of faith and fellowship took place last Sunday. Organized by the Manchester Yemeni Forum, the event aimed to fortify the bonds of brotherhood and affection within the Yemeni community during the holy month.

The gathering commenced with soul-stirring chants and prayers led by Yusuf Jaman, which instilled a sense of reverence and peace among the attendees. As dusk fell and the Maghrib prayer call echoed, the community came together to break their fast with dates and water, followed by prayers led by Imam Basam Al-Hammadi.

Yemeni Community Unites for Iftar

مانشستر تحتضن ملتقى لليمنيين احتفالًا برمضان 2024

The event also featured a cultural program rich in educational content. Professor Abdul Rahman Silan initiated the proceedings with insightful segments, including a poignant Ramadan reflection by Professor Omar Al-Qasos that resonated deeply with the audience, reminding them of the month’s sacred values. Dr. Khaled Al-Kahlani, the forum’s head, delivered a compelling speech emphasizing the need for unity and mutual support among community members, especially in supporting the youth and families abroad, while also maintaining Islamic and cultural identities.

Dr. Al-Kahlani concluded his address by expressing gratitude to those who supported the forum, notably Mohamed Al-Nemeri from Hadramout restaurants, Redan restaurants, Lulu supermarket, Yemeni Kitchen in Cheetham Hill, and Professor Ali Al-Mashjari, head of the Yemeni Community Organization in Manchester.

The Spirit of Ramadan in Manchester

مانشستر تحتضن ملتقى لليمنيين احتفالًا برمضان 2024

The forum was not just about solemnity; Hassan Harith brought joy and engagement through interactive games for children. The highlight was the performance by singer Abdul Qader Qawza, who captivated the audience with a journey through Yemen’s rich artistic heritage, featuring religious hymns and traditional Yemeni chants. The day ended with the congregation performing the Isha and Taraweeh prayers, led by reciter Imam Ahmed Saad, in an atmosphere filled with serenity and devotion.

The Manchester Yemeni Forum stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of the Yemeni community in Manchester, weaving a tapestry of cultural and social connections that enrich the spiritual experience of Ramadan.


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