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UK TREND: Rishi Sunak’s latest interview with Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan
فريق التحرير 4 February 2023

On his 100th day in charge at No. 10, Rishi Sunak sat down for his first in-depth interview with opinionated journalist and broadcaster Piers Morgan.

In the chat held at Downing Street, the prime minister and Mr. Morgan discussed a variety of subjects, including the economy, recent strike action, and the conflict in Ukraine.

Following the publication of the interview, people have taken to twitter to share their thoughts on the conversation that the Prime Minister and Piers Morgan had. On Twitter, the hashtags #Piers Morgan and #PM and the PM have been in trend. The general public didn’t seem to be impressed by Rishi Sunak during the interview because he was “dodging questions” and speaking “nonsense.”


The Interview with Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan
Rishi Sunak’s latest interview with Piers Morgan


Individuals highlighted how “Sunak kept talking about compassion. Yet no one in the Tory party seems to have any clue about or interest in compassion. As the conservative party seems to only be focused on exploiting power and ignoring deaths under their watch”.



In the interview Sunak also “ admits that he has many times questioned why he wanted to become a Prime minster and said it was about duty”. This frustrated the public as they have also question “ why he became PM” and to them it seems that his only duties are to “ destroy the NHS and keep interest and inflation in orbit. #Sunak the puppet”



Twitter users also made it clear that they were not impressed with Piers Morgan either and were anticipating a more intense interview. One twitter user shared “ Morgan spent the last three years moaning for a Prime Minster to give him an interview. And when he finally gets one , he is asking silly questions such as if Sunak owns a ‘Billy Bass Singing Fish”.



Rishi Sunak’s latest interview

Piers Morgan
Rishi Sunak’s latest interview with Piers Morgan


Another user shared that this interviews “ perfectly sums up the UK. As absolute trash of a Prime Minster is talking to an absolute trash of a journalist on a right-wing show.”



Individuals also expressed their shock at the interview, ‘Mariano’ stated it was “ the most vile thing”. “And it is something huge that the prime minister of what used to be a highly respected big world power, deems it at all normal to sit down and talk to Piers Morgan of all people.”



People were commenting that Sunak only agreed to do this interview as he knew it “ was the easier option”.




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