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1445 شعبان 24 | 05 مارس 2024

Ibrahim Hamami: The invasion of Rafah is a full-fledged war crime

Ibrahim Hamami: The invasion of Rafah is a full-fledged war crime
Ibrahim Hamami 12 February 2024

For days on end, the occupying authorities have been issuing threats of launching a military incursion into the Rafah region within the Gaza Strip, undeterred by the multitude of warnings, diplomatic appeals, and international condemnations.

This ominous rhetoric points towards the potential for yet another tragic episode, potentially constituting a fresh massacre and a renewed war crime, marked by premeditation carried out by the entity accused of perpetrating genocide against the Gazan population.

This alarming situation remains the subject of formal scrutiny and investigation by the International Court of Justice, underscoring the gravity and urgency of the matter on the global stage.

Here are some stark realities concerning the present circumstances in Rafah:

Rafah invasion

♦ The geographical expanse of the Rafah district spans 55 square kilometres, yet within this relatively small area, a staggering population of approximately 1.7 million Gazans resides.

♦ This demographic density represents an unparalleled concentration of inhabitants, with an astonishing average of 31,000 individuals squeezed into each square kilometre.

♦ The inhabitants of Rafah find themselves in a dire predicament, devoid of even the most fundamental prerequisites for dignified existence. Deprived of adequate shelter, many are forced to endure the harsh elements without proper housing. The absence of basic amenities such as bedding, clean water, sufficient food supplies, and essential medical provisions exacerbates their already precarious situation.

♦ Despite being the last vestige of refuge for the displaced population of Gaza, Rafah has not been spared from the relentless onslaught of Israeli aggression. In recent days, the region has been the target of egregious violations of human rights and international law, further exacerbating the suffering of its inhabitants.

This confluence of factors underscores the urgent need for immediate intervention and concerted efforts to alleviate the plight of the people of Rafah, who continue to endure unimaginable hardships amid the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip.

The looming threat of aggression targeting Rafah signifies a grave danger, as any projectile or missile striking this densely populated area is poised to unleash a catastrophic massacre.

Innocent civilians, already enduring the harshest of circumstances, would bear the brunt of such an assault. This aggression epitomizes a fully-fledged war crime, further compounding the litany of atrocities perpetrated by this occupying force.

Mere condemnation and appeals fall short in addressing the gravity of the situation.

It is imperative that this occupying entity be held unequivocally accountable for its reprehensible actions. The time has come for decisive action to ensure that justice prevails and impunity is no longer tolerated.

Concrete measures must be taken to hold both the occupation and its perpetrators accountable for their crimes against humanity.

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