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“Disneyland” is finally coming to the UK

Saja Yaser 8 October 2021

After many delays, multi-billion-pound ‘Disneyland’ themed London Resort is finally about to be constructed.

For decades, Brits wondered if they will ever get their own ‘British Disneyland’. And now, for £3.5bn, they finally will. The London Resort, as the project is called, will be located on the banks of the Thames near Dartford, Kent as soon as planning permission is finalised next year, according to the Daily Star.

What will it look like?

The 500-plus-acre site will be Europe’s biggest new theme park since Disneyland Paris opened in 1992. Organisers said 70% of attractions would be indoors because British weather tends to be rainy and damp for the majority of the year. (

The London Resort is due to open to the public in 2024. There are also plans to build a second park sometime in 2029.

Why was it delayed for so long?

The delays in construction were numerous. Firstly, there were some issues with partnerships; Paramount was initially recognized as a partner in the project but it no longer is.

There were also some environmental concerns over building such a large theme park, never mind operating it. Most recently, covid-19 and lockdown procedures caused even further delay.

The Daily Star quoted that the park will be operationally carbon neutral, first if its kind globally. Project CEO Pierre-Yves Gerbeau said “With our investment in sustainability and the environment, we will be beacon of what can be achieved when the environment, commerce and entertainment flourish together, hand in hand.”

Source: The Daily Star