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Cholesterol-lowering drug users are less likely to die from Covid (study)

فريق التحرير 15 October 2021

Cholesterol-lowering drug users are less likely to die from Covid (study)

A new study says that people taking cholesterol-lowering medicine regularly are less likely to die from Covid.

Published in PLOS Medicine, the study used data from Swedish registers over the age of 45. According to the research, the users of cholesterol-lowering drugs in the group saw less Covid mortality rates.

However, experts warn that the research findings cannot scientifically prove that statins can reduce Covid death rates, says the Guardian

This theory has been debated quite a lot since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic. Covid-19 can cause inflammation of the blood vessels, quotes the Guardian. And statins reduce inflammation in blood vessels.

Nonetheless, the study’s findings exclude a multitude of elements that could affect whether cholesterol-lowering medicine can actually lower the possibility of a Covid death.



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