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British Children’s Plea for Peace: Petition to End Gaza’s Bloodshed at Sunak’s Doorstep

British Children's Plea for Peace Petition to End Gaza's Bloodshed at Sunak’s Doorstep
فريق التحرير 14 December 2023

In a remarkable display of empathy and activism, a group of British children, deeply connected to Gaza through their family heritage, have taken a stand against the ongoing violence. On the evening of December 13, 2023, these young voices of change, representing over 2,500 of their peers, courageously submitted a petition to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Their unified message was clear and compelling: an immediate call for a ceasefire in Gaza and an end to the targeting of children. Failing to meet in person with opposition leader Keir Starmer, they ensured their voices were still heard by sending an electronic copy of their plea

This poignant moment was further amplified by a large-scale sit-in outside Prime Minister Sunak’s office. Orchestrated by the Pro-Palestine Coalition in Britain, in collaboration with Palestinian families from Gaza, the event echoed the children’s calls for peace and justice. The sit-in, lasting around an hour, became a platform for these young voices, each sharing their personal stories and reflections, transforming the space into a powerful testament to their shared heritage and hopes.

British children demand a ceasefire

British Children's Plea for Peace Petition to End Gaza's Bloodshed at Sunak’s Doorstep

Among these voices was 11-year-old Firas Shamalek, who delivered a moving statement that resonated with the crowd: ” Innocent children are losing their lives in Gaza every 10 minutes and the world remains silent. Our government is aiding this bloodshed.” His personal story of loss – the death of his 10-year-old cousin Yazan – brought a palpable sense of the human cost of the conflict.

The narrative of sorrow and loss was further echoed by Taleen Radwan, a 10-year-old girl, who reminisced about her joyful times in Gaza, contrasting them with the current pain and grief. Her memories of playing with cousins and savouring her grandmother’s traditional dishes like “Dawali” and “Maqluba” highlighted the stark difference between a peaceful past and the troubled present.

British Children's Plea for Peace Petition to End Gaza's Bloodshed at Sunak’s Doorstep

A 16-year-old Palestinian boy’s letter added depth to the narrative, as he shared the devastating impact of losing over 40 family members, including 20 children. His poignant question, ” How many more generations must be displaced, how many more innocent lives have to be lost? Before the world says: ENOUGH?” underscored the urgency of their appeal.

The collective voice of these children, filled with both innocence and insight, resonated with a simple yet powerful message: “Enough.” They are not just calling for a ceasefire; they are advocating for a future where peace replaces the destructive games of war, a future where children can thrive in safety and justice.

Petition for Gaza

British Children's Plea for Peace Petition to End Gaza's Bloodshed at Sunak’s Doorstep
British children express their emotions towards Gaza through pen and paper

In the petition, the children stated: ” We, the children undersigned, are horrified to witness the suffering of the Children of Gaza, caused by the ongoing Israeli bombardment and so this petition comes from a place of personal pain and urgency.” and ” We call upon the UK government and the Opposition, to use its influence on an international level. We implore that UK Government demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.”

They added: “They [Palestinian children] deserve safety, peace and a chance at a normal life, a chance to have the same opportunities that are afforded to other children of the world.”

Here you can find the full text of the petition along with the names of the signatories.

It should be noted that the continuous Israeli bombing leads to the martyrdom of about 300 Palestinians every day, many of them children. The illegal blockade imposed by Israel causes indescribable human suffering in Gaza, making the population lack the most basic necessities of life, including water, food, and medicine.


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