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Britain’s electricity is going green by 2035

محليات 4 October 2021

Reports have indicated that PM will soon announce plans of switching all Britain’s electricity to green and renewable sources by 2035.

Boris Johnson will make an announcement of complete green shift in UK’s electricity sector by 2035, reports The Times.

PM may soon commit his party to huge investment towards green energy to reduce the country’s dependence on gas and other fossil fuels.

His potential arguments for the move may include its capacity to boost efforts to eliminate carbon emissions by 2050. As well as reducing the effect of rising gas prices in the country.

The energy price cap puts a limit to how much energy prices can increase. Concerningly, it rose by £139 last week and is expected to go up by a similar amount in the spring.

Renewable energy sources generated 43% of Britain’s electricity needs last year, and gas, oil and coal contributed about 40%. Nuclear energy filled the remaining 17%.

The new target will require scaling up in both offshore wind generation and nuclear capacity. In fact, it will mean a minimum quadrupling of offshore wind from the present level over the coming decade.

In a recent interview with The Times, Johnson said that the government would “deal with the cost of electricity and energy” by increasing “our clean energy generation”.

Johnson has already pledged to increase Britain’s offshore wind production from 10GW of electricity a year — enough to supply ten million homes — to 40GW by 2030. He told The Times that he wanted to “go further” and ultimately hit 60GW a year.

Source: The Times

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