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Around 7% of Secondary School Students Infected with Covid

Local 9 October 2021

In the last week of September, around 7% of secondary school students have been infected with Covid-19.

Children between the ages 11-16 have the highest rate of Covid-19 infection

According to the data from Office for National Statistics (ONS), around 7% of grade 7 to 11 in England got infected with Covid-19 in the last week of September. This is higher than the previous week where it was 5%, reports Sky News. (

Positive Covid-19 test results rates have also increased among the age group 35-49 and for people over 70s.

Over 200,000 Students out of school due to covid

The Department for Education saw an increase of pupils out of school for coronavirus-related reasons by two thirds in a fortnight, according to Sky News.

On Thursday October 7, more than 204,000 pupils were not in class for covid-related reasons. This is up from 122,300 schoolchildren on 16 September – a 67% rise from two weeks ago.

Latest Covid-19 Updates in UK

In the last week of September, the overall positive Covid-19 tests were almost 1.5%, compared to the previous week where it was 1%. 1.5% is almost 786,300 people infected with Covid-19 in only one week.

For the age group year 12 – 24 years old, the rates have actually decreased, however, the trend was uncertain for kids aged 2 years old – grade 6, and for people aged 25-34 and 50-69.

Source: Sky News