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5 Questions Answered about Covid-19 Vaccinations

خمس أسئلة حول لقاحات كورونا
عدنان حميدان 14 September 2021

The entire world celebrated the success of developing the #vaccine against #covid-19. Ever since then, doctors and specialists have confirmed that the #vaccines do not protect against #corona virus infection, but rather mitigates its severity. And yet, anti-vaxxers keep running stories of infections amongst the vaccinated.

Why is there infection among those who received the #vaccine?

Anti-vaxxers ignore that vaccines are not intended to prevent infection, but to minimize its mortality rates. They also neglect the fact that this particular #vaccine is neither the first nor the last in our lives.

Upon birth, we all receive vaccinations against diseases such as malaria, polio, and many more. Not to mention, the authorities that approved the Covid-19 vaccines are the very ones that approved other vaccines and medicines.

Why are there deaths amongst the fully vaccinated?

The effectiveness of the vaccine varies between individuals according to various factors, such as:

  • Current medical condition
  • Age
  • Accurate medical history reporting

Nonetheless, the available vaccines remain our best bet at the moment.

How are the mortality rates after the introduction of the vaccines?

There is a significant decline in the number of deaths in countries where the rate of vaccination has increased. The #UK is a prime example of that. The country was recording hundreds of deaths daily this time last year. Now, the figures have dropped to only dozens per day.

What about donating vaccines to poor countries?!

Major states are donating vaccines to poorer countries. This should not be misconstrued as generosity or higher morality from the part of the rich. Neither is it a big conspiracy theory as some may claim.

The donations are made upon the belief that rich countries cannot recover unless the whole world joins it. There remains a risk margin in the pandemic raging across distant areas of the world, especially with the new variants.

The west fears people traveling to these poorer countries and returning with new covid-19 variants. Thus, repeating the tragedy on a larger scale. That explains the efforts towards spreading vaccines across the world.

What’s the role of the Arab community in the UK regarding vaccinations?

It is no secret that #Arabs in the #UK include an elite of doctors and academics among their ranks. Accordingly, they have a particular duty to educate both Arabs and the British public about the Pandemic. They must stress the dire need to take the vaccinations in order to allow the country to achieve the required herd immunity.

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