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Teach them to love their homelands

Teach them to love their homelands
Teach them to love their homelands (Unsplash)

After years of working with Arab children in the UK, I have noticed that many of them do not know the name of their homeland, the land where their family and ancestors come from, unfortunately. But there is always an exception to the rule, I have met some children who knew every corner and history there is to know of their homelands.

Children of immigrants often torn between two cultures, my advise to you to keep them close and familiar with their own cultures is taking them your communities gatherings and events. And if possible, take them to visit their distant family and homeland from time to time.

Teach them that our homeland, no matter how far it seems, we should always return to it.

The activities organized by the Arab communities in Britain will increase their feeling of love and belonging to their homelands. Always look out for these events.

Teach them that belonging to our homeland is a duty, and not a privilege you remember in events through traditional clothes and speeches, but rather by hard work in order to raise it and put it in the forefront at all times.

And that belonging to the homeland is not only by living in it, but by preserving its history and its legacy and by constantly talking about the honorable civilizations that their homeland passed through.


Teach them to love their homelands
Teach them to love their homelands (Unsplash)


Stay confident though that living in a forienger country does not affect your feeling of belonging and love to your homeland. Especially when you keep reminding me of how beautiful your homeland is.

Teach them that even birds immigrate looking for food and security, but they always come back to where they belong.

By teaching our children how to love their homelands we are not denying the opportunities we obtainds as expats in other countries. That is why we also teach them to respect the countries we are in.

As the prophet (PBUH) once said “He who does not thank the people, does not know how to thank god”, but that does not mean that we have to forget and ignore who we really are and where we became from.

Lastly, make sure your children know the answers for:

  • The name of the country and its capital.
  • The country’s flag
  • The location of the country on the map
  • Its national anthem
  • Its traditional dish

Let’s teach our children how to love their homeland, so they grow full of love and warmth for those around.



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