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Mohammad Al-Lahaimid .. Left his homeland looking for a home

Mohammad Al-Lahaimid .. Left his homeland looking for a home
Mohammad Al-Lahaimid .. Left his homeland looking for a home - AUK

Mohammad Al-Lahaimid almost did not believe his eyes when he saw the lifeguard boat with the UK British flying, in the middle of the Munch lake and after two years of failed trials to move to the country.

He, 22 years old, left his country, Kuwait, leaving behind his family, friends, memories, and everything he cares about in search of what he called a “home”.

As he described the home he is looking for as a place where he can have basic human rights.



The Search for a New Home

Mohammad left Kuwait looking for his home. And he first went to Turkey since he does not have a passport that allows him to travel legally


After arriving in Turkey, he began communicating with “smugglers” who would help him reach his new home, Britain.


Mohammad was not carrying enough money to pay “smugglers” to help him reach Greece, as a stop before reaching his final destination.


Mohammad says: “The smuggler asked me to pay $1,200, but I only had $100. I had to call my uncle, an immigrant living in Australia, to help me, and he actually sent me the required amount, so I paid it to the smugglers to start the journey towards the unknown.”


Mohammad Al-Lahaimid and his struggle
17 Failed Attempts – AUK


17 Failed Attempts at Freedom

Mohammad had tried almost 18 times, each one of them he faced the risk of being sent back either to KSA, Turkey, or their homeland.


On the 18th try, he finally succeeded and got to call the UK his true place.


Mohammad says: “One of the best moments in my life was when I saw that flag hovering on top of the ship… I knew then that I had achieved my dream, which I did the impossible to reach.”


Looking for a home away from home
A New Start … A New Life – AUK


A New Start … A New Life


Mohammad is currently living the most beautiful moments of his life after his arrival to British lands, where he was able for the first time to feel that he is a human being with all the rights of citizenship

Here, Mohammad has a home, an identity bearing his name, a bank card, and basic rights like all human beings.

He began learning English in a government institute to begin his journey towards his dream of obtaining the opportunity to be educated, study at university, and obtain a doctorate in the future.

Al-Lahaimid says: “I arrived here today to start a new journey in my life towards a new goal, to be an influential voice in my new country and to do what I can to serve my first cause” the stateless cause.



A New Start ... A New Life
Found his home – AUK



Life in Kuwait

Living in Kuwait was always a struggle, they never accepted my presence or my different accent.


I struggled to find a living, as I could not study nor could I find a job. I had to sell watermelons in the street to earn some money. I was deprived of all rights because I am “Bidoon” – Bidoon in Arabic means without, and here is used to describe the people without a Kuwaiti Nationality.


Despite the harsh conditions that Mohammad faced during his more than two-year journey, Mohammad had never thought of going back to Kuwaiti, living there deprived of all rights as a “Bidoon”


Mohammad Al-Lahaimid was motivated to find a home, which gives him the right to citizenship and his basic rights as a human being. And he found it.


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