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UK TREND : Yvette Cooper voices the publics true opinion

labour's shadow minister Yevette Cooper accuses the Tories of losing control of the borders
فريق التحرير 30 March 2023

A home office minister was ripped to shreds by Yvette Cooper , who demanded that he “get a grip” on the UK’s asylum system. Robert Jenrick, a Tory, was informed by Labour’s shadow home secretary that the government has “lost control” over border security. She also made fun of Suella Braverman after Rishi Sunak shot down her plan to send migrants to Rwanda by the end of the summer. Cooper informed the Commons that “the prime minister just said the home secretary was wrong, the Rwanda flights won’t start this summer.”

The public was pleased with Yvette Cooper and her Commons speech, which was widely shared on social media. They thought it was “spectacular” how she “shredded and shamed Suella Braverman and Robert Jenrick in her 4 min speech.” with the twitter hashtag #Yvette Cooper trending.

Yevette cooper tore home office minister Robert Jenrick to shreds


Yvette cooper demolishes the Minister of Immigration over the failing asylum system


People shared the video  of her speech many times and were encouraging others to watch. One user shared the admiration of Cooper, tweeting “ she is a force of nature, Braverman and Jenrick have nowhere to hide during this excoriating attack on their incompetence and failure.”

Another user shared “ Yvette Cooper is quite wonderful to watch in this. The Conservatives front bench look slightly uneasy”.

One individual tweeted : “This is compulsive viewing…Yvette Cooper totally demolishing the absolutely clueless Jenrick.”

People were praising the labour’s shadow home secretary for being “ absolutely masterful”, whilst also criticising Robert Jenrick for yet again “ demonstrating the utter lack of talent with the Conservative ranks”.

Another individual shared their high praise of Cooper, stating that “ she is superb – she forensically demolishes whoever is her opposite number. So much so that Braverman seems scared to face her, sending out Jenrick to take the flak instead. Keep going Yvette – you clearly terrify the mob opposite!”

Individuals also mocked the way Braverman and Jenrick looked whilst Yvette Cooper was giving her speech, they stated that “ while Cooper was picking apart their complete and utter failure to manage the asylum system, their faces looked like they were about to cry.”

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