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When should we not emigrate to Britain?

When should we not emigrate to Britain? متى يجب ألا نهاجر إلى بريطانيا ؟
Adnan Hmidan 29 October 2021


Many people are forced to choose immigration and asylum in a foreign country like Britain, due to war conditions in their homelands. And that is exactly what happened with refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and other countries with similar circumstances.

But the question of whether you should immigrate imposes itself when you have a choice in the matter. The discussion is also very important now with the activation of the points system of immigration and the possibility of highly-qualified individuals moving to live in a developed country such as Britain.

When do we need to immigrate to Britain?

In general, a person needs to emigrate from their country if it is unable to provide the four basic needs for a free and decent life:


This is when a person holds a passport of a country that fails to provide them protection when needed anywhere in the world.


That includes all freedoms, but especially the freedom of movement. That constitutes the ability to travel whenever one desires to. Here I do not mean the capability of obtaining a visa or not, for qualified individuals can get it despite of their home country, but rather the freedom to travel without the need for security approvals or the like.


The British health system, despite criticisms, provides free treatment to all country residents. This is a necessity with the increasing need for comprehensive health care in our current reality.


Families in many third world countries are drained by both high-cost education, as well as that of a poor quality. In countries like the UK, however, it is available for free or with soft loans.

متى يجب ألا تهاجر لبريطانيا

But the lack of these four is not enough to migrate, especially if the decider faces one of the following obstacles:

1.He/she is married and has teenage children who have grown accustomed to completely different environment. The transition to them at this age is sure to result in cultural shock.

2. He is married and there is no understanding or harmony with his wife in the method of raising children and taking care of them.

3. The available opportunity to work, live or study in Britain is in a city or village where there is no strong presence of Arab, Muslim or conservative communities in general. This is an issue unless the individual is not with children

4.The nature of his/her working life takes up most of their time, which means they do not find time for open dialogue with their children or to start discussions with them comfortably and adequately.


The decision to travel or emigrate is for the sake of obtaining a better life for us and our families. Therefore, when considering immigration, we must prioritize the benefit of our families, instead of financial benefits or the advantages of a foreign nationality. With that, I must encourage that we try not to separate from our families and alienate ourselves away from them. Travel together or stay together.

We must also not fool ourselves with the idea of ​​expatriating for a few years to obtain citizenship, for example, and then returning to our countries. Because whoever grows accustomed to the nature of order, freedom and respect for human dignity in a country like the UK, it is difficult for them to then return to live in another country where these things are often not readily available. Especially when it come to dignity and the respect for man’s humanity.

For more information about raising children in Britain, I recommend reading this article.

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