UK Trend : Protestor waving rainbow flag invades pitch during Portugal Vs Uruguay

UK Trend
UK Trend : Protestor waving rainbow flag invades pitch during Portugal Vs Uruguay

The Portugal Vs Uruguay World Cup 2022 match has been trending all over the world on social media platforms, as it was a well-played match with two amazing goals from midfielder Bruno Fernandes. Portugal has now qualified for the knockout stage of the last 16.
However, the real cause behind social media buzzing with the hashtag #PORURU was due to a fan/protester who ran onto the pitch with a rainbow flag, a t-shirt with the statement “Save Ukraine” on the front and “respect for Iranian women” on the back, which resulted in controversy between supporters and critics.

UK Trend: Rainbow flag in Portugal Vs Uruguay match!

Portugal Vs Uruguay
Rainbow flag in Portugal Vs Uruguay match at World Cup 2022 !

Supporters of the protester praised him on Twitter, calling his efforts “amazing” and “heroic,” since he was taking a stand against a variety of recent concerns, including the war in Ukraine and the issues with women’s rights in Iran.

Holding the rainbow flag is against Qatari legislation


Portugal Vs Uruguay
World Cup 2022 in Qatar: Portugal Vs Uruguay (Flickr)

However, several other football fans who saw the man’s activities tweeted their “confusion” since entering the pitch during a world cup game with more than 80,000 spectators is already troublesome, and it is made worse by the fact that the man was holding the pride flag, which is against Qatari legislation. And it has been clearly prohibited by the FIFA association, for the 2022 world cup.

They noted that, despite the perception that his conduct was relatively “Brave,” it is likely that he will face serious repercussions and asked Twitter users to “pray for this man.”

Others were dissatisfied with the protestor’s activities and tweeted about how disrespectful it is to the host nation and the religion as he waved a flag that promotes behaviour that is against the law as well as the norms and values of the Muslim society in Qatar.

The protester ran onto the field carrying a rainbow flag and interrupted Monday night’s match between Portugal and Uruguay. The incident happened just before Bruno Fernandes gave Portugal a 1-0 lead.

Before being tackled by security, he raced across the majority of the field from the near side-line.

For the first time during the World Cup in Qatar, the colours appeared on the majority of TV screens during Monday’s stunt. The protestor was briefly captured by certain broadcasts before being detained.

The FIFA World Cup 2022

His shirt’s front included a statement about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, while the back of his shirt referred to the Iranian women’s rights movement. He raised the pride flag in opposition to Qatar’s rules on homosexuality.

Uncertainty surrounds the protester’s whereabouts as Thierry De Backer, FIFA’s media representative at the match, told The Associated Press he had “no idea” what had happened to the protester. Qatari local organizers declined to comment.

Pitch invader runs onto grass with rainbow flag during Portugal vs Uruguay match!

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