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UK TREND : Twitter users once more criticise Braverman

UK TREND : Twitter users once more criticise Braverman
فريق التحرير 16 May 2023

The home secretary Suella Braverman claimed it was “not racist” to want to control borders while speaking at a conference in London.

Suella Braverman issued a warning to cabinet members who were opposing proposals to reduce numbers, saying that the government must reduce immigration before the next election because Britain has grown too “dependent” on foreign labour.

UK TREND: Suella Braverman’s speech ignites Twitter

UK TREND: Suella Braverman
UK TREND: Twitter users express their outrage following Braverman’s comments

Following her speech, the hashtags #Suellla Braverman and #Home Secretary have been trending on twitter. People have been expressing their shock and outrage following her comments.

People were furious over the statements she made in her speech at the National Conservatism conference. They tweeted that “ she is not just a hypocrite for demonising immigrants as a child of immigrants. Worse, she’s wicked to use her birth as a child of Indian immigrants & position as Home secretary to legitimise dehumanisation of immigrants & use their lives for political gain”. The public have labelled her as “ an evil con”.

Individuals were in shock over her “disgraceful comments and how can she get away with making such comments as a Home Secretary is unbelievable !”

According to news outlets, even conservative colleagues have condemned the home secretary’s “ outrageous” National Conservatism conference speech and have said that it undermined the Prime Minster Rishi Sunak.

Conservative members of parliament have also accused Braverman of making bid for party leadership.

People were appalled at her behaviour, individuals tweeted that “ even with politics to the side. This is not how state men and women should behave”.

Individuals concluded from her “ shocking speech, that her agenda is nothing to do with ‘illegal’ immigration. But she is now talking about all immigrants, including her own family!”

Many also mocked her as much of her speech was focused on “ what the Home Secretary should be doing to solve current issues, as if she is not the Home Secretary of the UK herself ”.

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