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Three stories revealed by CCTV cameras across the UK

Three stories revealed by CCTV cameras across the UK
فريق التحرير 14 October 2021

New motorway camera will fine £100 and three points

Automatic motorway cameras will now catch and charge any car driving on a closed lane.

According to the Daily Echo, drivers in England will be facing a possible £100 fine and three points being added to their driving licence if they drive on any road marked with the red X.

Source: The Daily Echo

A doctor gets compensation because of a neighbor’s entryway camera

Dr Mary Fairhurst filed a lawsuit against the doorbell camera her neighbour installed on his front door.

Dr Fairhurst found the cameras ‘intrusive’ and that they placed her under ‘continuous visual surveillance’, reports the Daily Mail. The neighbour was using the Amazon Ring cameras that allow their owners to see and speak to any visitor at the door through an app.

The judge ruled that the doctor’s privacy was indeed breached. She could be receiving over £100,000 in compensation now.

Since this camera service is widely used in the UK, this case may be important for many as a warning of maybe facing similar fines.

Source: The Daily Mail

CCTV shows misconduct against students in a private school

Whitfield School in north east London is being investigated for misconduct and abuse against its pupils after the release of damning CCTV footage.

The private school has over 300 students, many of whom have complex needs and are unable to communicate verbally, reports the BBC.

The footage showed a padded seclusion rooms – appearing much like cells, in which the students were physically assaulted and neglected between 2014-2017.

Parents are understandably distressed, even when the school wrote to them it will stop using what they called “calming rooms”.

Source: BBC

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