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Stay or migrate.. The difficult equation

Stay or migrate.. the difficult equation (Unsplash: Tomek Baginski )
AbdulKarim AlBalikh 25 December 2021
Stay or migrate.. The difficult equation (Unsplash: Tomek Baginski )

In recent years, the migration movement has seen a significant increase, due to political and economic instability in many countries, forcing millions of people to migrate to safer regions. Stay or migrate… The hardest equation ever. 

In an article published on “Raialyoum” website, AbdulKarim AlBalikh said that the immigrant brains refer to some of the nation’s noble people in physics, atoms, chemistry, mathematics, etc., and these glowing Arab elements were attracted by the outside, responded to its call, disappeared in its horizons, melted into its fabric, and became an integral part of its civilization and future.

Dependence and underdevelopment of Arabs

If their countries had achieved the desired level of sophistication, reached their sufficiency of development, established factories and armaments bases, provided machinery and the necessary and luxury supplies and commodities, exploited their energy resources, employed them in their correct positions, doubled their rents, preserved their rights, and invested their wealth…If all of this happened, the infiltration of some Arab brains to these foreign countries would have been less impactful and less traumatic. But, the state of dependence and underdevelopment of the Arabs, and their markets colonized by those foreign countries, which threaten their national production with failure, and compete them in their own homes, and push their economy to collapse, is what made the Arab countries, which possess wealth, capabilities and civilization, a virgin land that is manipulated according to international standards.

Are “Arab minds” responsible for their Orientalism towards the West? Can these trips be called “migration”? No, it is better to say that it was an “expulsion” by friendly and possibly terrorist means that pushed them to leave their countries.

Stay or migrate.. the difficult equation (Unsplash: Tomek Baginski )
Stay or migrate.. the difficult equation (Unsplash: Tomek Baginski )

Why the Arab thinker flees?

Brilliance has become an Arab accusation for which scientists are pursued in their laboratories, inventors are subdued in their research, and the fluency of thinkers is confiscated in their studies. Their existence has turned into a subject of suspicion by bureaucracy, backward systems, and distorted patterns that fight development and consider it a revolution against its interests and a coup that undermines the basis of its survival.

When the Arab thinker flees to the West, he resorts to the place that respects his genius, realizes its value, and prepares him for the field in which he devote himself to his studies. In the new country, his homeland problems such as positions, career conflict, search for influence, and personal gain won’t distract him, and there won’t be laboratories which have dust covered their equipment due to the lack of specialized technical personnel to operate them or the lack of awareness of their value and what they represent from a scientific dimension.

The position of the thinker or the inventor has become less valuable socially and economically than the level enjoyed by the merchant, craftsman, opportunist, or any person involved in any profession that generates more material profit. Instead of gaining importance, the scientifically gifted faces social contempt, lack of understanding and assimilation of the creative work he seeks to achieve.

When the Arab brain has its dignity and guarantees that preserve its reality and future, and when it is treated as an active creator in the entity of its nation, then it will cling to its roots and will never go far. The presence of Arabs in those strange lands means their bias towards human creativity and devotion to their research and discoveries, and that they has had the moral and material incentives and the scientific and intellectual climate that preserves their brilliance and grants them what they deserves of care and reverence.

Stay or migrate..? That equation, whose symbols can only be solved by the scattered great homeland, while licking its wounds and watching sadly the strife of brothers, leaving behind the most important thing to pay attention to: The nation’s genius and its scientific future!

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