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Southampton is one of the happiest places in UK

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فريق التحرير 14 October 2021

Southampton is one of the happiest places in UK

Southampton has been named as the third happiest places in the South East, according to the Daily Echo.

An AI facial recognition tool analysed over 300,000 #selfie posts on Instagram to find the highest level of smiles and happiness of locals and tourists in the whole of the UK.

According to the findings, people in Southampton are 47.1% happier than the UK average. (modafinil buy online europe)

The winner, though, was Blackpool residents. They were found to be almost 72% happier than the UK average.


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Covid infection rates increased in 78% of the UK Map

The UK is seeing a surge of covid infection rates across its map. In fact, cases are rising in 78 per cent of the country’s local areas, according to the latest figures.

It comes as the country recorded its highest number of daily infections since July, with 42,776 new cases reported in October 12th.

According to the Mirror, here are the top 5 areas with the highest infection rates in the seven days leading up to October 9:

Trafford (up from 568.2 to 844.4)

Ipswich (479.5 to 736.9)

Winchester (340.7 to 576.5)

Wellingborough (573.2 to 797.9)

Darlington (313.8 to 519.5)


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Smartphone app that provides 300 government services

The government is about to launch an official smartphone app that will offer around 300 governmental services to the UK public.

The online services will cover numerous fields, including changing driving licence and getting benefits, reports the Telegraph. The app will replace a failed £175 million scheme of fixing the process of logging into the government’s website.

Expected to launch in late 2022, the app may also offer a notification service that can alert users to new policies affecting them, or to the expiry of a driver licence and the like.

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