September 15th: All You Need to Know about #BackBritishFarmingDay

September 15th marks the national #BackBritishFarmingDay. The NFU set up the #BackBritishFarming public-facing campaign, driving support for the British food and farming sector. Also, the day aims to mobilize members of the public to support its campaigning activities.

#BackBritishFarming is also all about getting members of the food and farming community and policy makers in government to join their call to arms.


How can I help?

The British public can help the country’s farming through very simple actions. For example, buying British produce, enjoying the countryside responsibly, and spreading the word with friends and family.


What is the campaign demanding from authorities this year?

The campaign is asking the government to complete a comprehensive report on UK food security later this year, covering the country’s production of key foods and its contribution to global food security.


What did #BackBritishFarmingDay achieve?

  • 150 English and Welsh MPs showed their support on social media. MPs in Scotland and Northern Ireland also got involved.
  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson along with Labour Leader Kier Starmer and many more MPs wore their wheat pin badges in PMQs in the House of Commons.
  • Five chefs got involved with the campaign posting videos, including Raymond Blanc (with a retweet from Jamie Oliver) and John Williams (Executive Chef at The Ritz).
  • Over 1,300 #BackBritishFarming supporters tweeted their support.

On its website, the NFU implores everyone to add their support and help secure the future of British food.

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