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Prison for a 70-year-old who assaulted children 36 times

السجن 25 عاما لسبعيني اعتدى جنسيا 36 مرة على أطفال
Local 29 September 2021

Victor Jacob was sentenced 25 years in jail for sex offences against young boys. The 76-year-old man took advantage of his job as scout leader to assault children years ago.

After going through a five-week trial, Victor Jacob of Balmoral Crescent, Macclesfield, was sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court on Friday, 24 September. He was found guilty of 36 offences in total, including indecent assault on boys under 16 years, causing a child to engage in sexual activity, engaging in sexual activity with a child and indecency with a child.

These offences were against five different boys separately between October 1979 and May 2007, according to the Met.

Sexual offences are imprescriptible in British law.

How did it all begin?

Not only was Jacob the caretaker and groundsman at the school the five victims attended in Bromley. He also was able to see them through his work as a Scout leader.

He used the almost the same methods to manipulate each of his victims. The boys – all aged 11 and upwards – were groomed by Jacob. He targeted vulnerable boys and slowly gained their trust. After which he proceeded to sexually assault them.

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After almost 10 years from the last found offence, three men reported to the police – independently of each other – in 2017 and alleged that they had been abused as boys by Jacob.

Thus, an investigation was launched by detectives at the South East Public Protection Team, who identified another two victims.

Police interviewed Jacob in February 2018. He was charged by postal requisition in October 2019.

Police’s Take

The Met website quoted Detective Constable Mark Tarrant of the South East Public Protection Team. He said: “Jacob’s conviction and sentence is a prime example that no matter the passage of time, the Metropolitan Police Service will seek to investigate and punish those who abuse vulnerable people.

“The five boys he abused are now men and have carried the weight of what happened to them for an incredibly long time. I commend each of them for their bravery through what has been a distressing process. No more victims will suffer at Jacob’s hands, and I hope that allows all five men some comfort as they move on with their lives.”

Source: The Metropolitan Police Website

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