Environmentalists between sanity and madness

Environmentalists between sanity and madness
Environmentalists between sanity and madness (Anadolu Images)

The importance of environmentalists and the cause they call for cannot be questioned, however, in the last two years, their acts have recently taken an extreme turn that is more frightening than reassuring.

During the past week, environmentalists went into department stores in the UK and poured out milk bottles on the ground and attacked milk trucks as a part of their protest against the slaughter of animals.

Their acts do not seem logical, as there is no correlation between the slaughter of animals and the production of milk. Especially when you have in mind the food crisis and increase in food prices that Britain is facing now.


Environmentalists extremists trying to bring attention to climate change


Two environmentalists throwing tomato soup on Van Gogh painting (Anadolu ImageS)
Two environmentalists throwing tomato soup on Van Gogh painting (Anadolu Images)


In a similar naive act, two so-called environmentalists went to the National Gallery in London and threw tomato soup on a Van Gogh painting to draw attention to the environmental crisis and energy waste. The two activists tried to destroy a beautiful piece of art and historical value just to raise their voices of protest.

From another perspective, you can say that throwing tomato soup is also a waste of natural resources because fertilizing the land and harvesting the fruits with industrial machinery causes carbon emissions as well.

That is not the end of it, in the past months, in Stockholm, London and Paris, activists had blocked the streets and prevented cars from moving by glueing themselves to the street, causing traffic and higher carbon emissions .. so are there ways effective? is it madness or sanity?



What did the governments say about the climate crisis?

Two years ago, Scotland hosted the COP26 climate conference, where the previous British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke about the carbon emission crisis and how the industrial revolution in Britain played a huge role in it. He said that Britain should start using green energy, like wind turbines, as does Saudi Arabia.

He also mentioned the goal to replace gasoline cars with electrical ones, which is now more possible to achieve than it was 10 years ago.

Currently, in the United States of America, the Energy Information Administration expected the production of fossil fuels to rise during 2023 to an unprecedented level, as oil and natural gas production increased to about 2% last year, and will continue to rise in the coming years.

The issue is not simple to solve overnight, especially now, where the governments and people are favouring using gas for heating until other solutions are provided.

So the question is once again raised … are such insane acts effective to slow global warming?


Source: Awsat



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