Environmentalist Maniacs blocked a motorway in London

After a group of people spent two weeks in motorway protests, 52 of environmentalist maniacs decided to block one of the London’s busiest roads, causing traffic, upset and utter chaos.

52 protesters who belong to the Insulate Britain Campaign have blocked the M25 in breach of the injunction granted by the High Court lasted Tuesday.

The “eco-morons” as the Sun calls them, defied a court order to barricade the carriageway yet again. They blocked vehicles on the M25 at Junction 14 near Heathrow “as part of their tiresome bid to keep the rest of the country as idle as they are”, says the Sun.

Monday morning’s blockage marks the sixth time the group has blocked the motorway. The police hurried on to the scene to mitigate the effects and arrest the activists.

News footages show officers dragging hooded dissenters off the road by their arms.

Reporting the news on Good Morning Britain, Susanna Reid said the campaigners have “brought misery to motorists,” and they are now “ignoring threats of jail.”

“They say they’re happily accepting the consequences of their actions today,” she said.

This particular blockage provoked drivers even more as they fear that their vehicles will run out of fuel as the fuel crisis continues.

Metropolitan police announced on Twitter that is currently making arrests.

Source: The Sun

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