Dairy farmers forced to waste milk due to lorry drivers shortages

The UK dairy industry farmers have been particularly hit by the shortages in lorry driver. After all, Fresh Milk has a very short shelf life.

British dairy farmers, according to Sky News, are saying they have poured tens of thousands of litres of milk away due to the HGV driver shortage.

One dairy farmer told Sky News he has struggled emotionally after having to dump 40,000 litres of hard-earned milk over the past two months. He said that he never had to do that except for two or three times in 45 years due to bad weather.

According to Sky News, the UK produced 15.3 billion litres of milk last year. That will mean the effect on dairy farmers will not be apparent in shops quite yet. (www.caprinow.edu)

The issues are set to persist and escalate, with only 27 European applicants for HGV driver visas. As well as the increasingly intensifying weather conditions, as the country prepares for winter.

Milk wastage is not the only current problem facing dairy farmers. They are also facing rocketing prices for fertiliser used to grow feed, as well as natural gas and electricity.

Henry Bloxham, a Staffordshire dairy farmer, told Sky News his fertiliser prices have risen by 150 per cent in only three weeks. While fuel has increased by 10p a litre in the last week.

Source: Sky News

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