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Calls to vote for an eco-friendly mosque in Britain

فريق التحرير 10 October 2021

The Royal Institute of British Architects has nominated Cambridge Central Mosque for an influential architectural award in the UK.

What is the RIBA Stirling award?

The annual RIBA Stirling award is a prestigious British award that chooses a shortlist of six projects of stellar architectural achievements. While the final decision is made by a panel of judges, the winner of the public “people’s votes” is announced separately a day before.

The 2021 Stirling award will be the first in its history to nominate a mosque.

What is Cambridge Central Mosque?

Cambridge Central Mosque is, according to its website, “a unique prayer space that fuses traditional and modern architecture, and has green credentials that reflect Islam’s ideals of earth, soul, and community care.”

Get a look at the building below:

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How can you vote?

You can vote and share the following link to see the crowning of this magnificent holy project here.

When will the winner be announced?

The winner of the People’s Vote will be announced on October 13th.

However, the official awards ceremony will be broadcast live on the BBC News channel on Thursday, October the 14th at 19:30.