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Do not write down New Year’s Resolutions!

Do not write down New Year's Resolutions! (Unsplash)
Do not write down New Year's Resolutions! (Unsplash)

I can swear that one of the most heard phrases on New Year’s Eve is: write down your resolutions (goals). However, I do not believe that goals and achievements have deadlines. Meaning that you do not have to wait until the sun sets on the last day of the year to go look for what reassures you that you are a human being, that you are still alive, and that there is something worth getting out of your bed every day.


Do not write down New Year's Resolutions!
Do not write down New Year’s Resolutions! (Unsplash)



I recently heard someone say: “Be careful of becoming the new Concorde!”. It made me curious to know what is it about “Concorde” that I should be careful of? only to find out it was another story of someone falling for false hopes and goals.

In short, Air British was specialized in manufacturing aircraft named “Concorde”, it had only one goal set: developing a plane that requires half the time to travel. So instead of traveling 8 Hours from Dubai to London, it will only take you 4 hours or so in “Concorde”.

They were very successful at doing so at the beginning of 1976, but the dilemma they faced was that the cost of manufacturing and repair workshops was very high; This reflected negatively on the flying bill, which over time became burdensome to customers, and thus, the airway lost the loyalty of their customers.

In the 90s’, the board member gathered after their stocks went down and tried to save what is left of the company. To everyone’s surprise, the company decided to not change their ways, as they have already lost so much trying to achieve their goal, so they decided to continue to make it true. And this right here is what I mean by following false hopes and goals; the myth of setting goals.

But in 2000, the unexpected happened! The operating cost had become even higher, the company was doing worse, which made the workers go on strike. All these events contributed to the demise of the company’s hopes and goals in the year 2003, as it went out of service.


Do not write down New Year's Resolutions! (Unsplash)
Do not write down New Year’s Resolutions! (Unsplash)


Myth of Goals

I hope by now that you would, my dear reader, shake my hands agreeing with me and the “Myth of goals”. It is indeed a myth and a false dream when you insist on going forward without rethinking your goals, refusing to hear those around you because of “how much money you spent”.

Stop for a moment, look around, and think again. Would you still go on with your goals? without rethinking them over?

How will you finish the 20-something resolutions that you have written down last year? Don’t you think that it would have best to focus on one resulting after you have carefully thought it through?

Try to leave behind the fake goals that social media sets for you, and the empty promises life coaches say to you. Ignore them all! and make a room for a goal you care about and plan for. Remember that there is no rainbow without rain and no gain without the pain.


Do not write down New Year's Resolutions! (Unsplash)
Do not write down New Year’s Resolutions! (Unsplash)


Calm Down

our ancestors had a saying in Arabic where it means to first clear the land and then you start the seeding, you take out the weed, airing the soil and preparing it for cultivating and planting.

You have to realize that you are not a company, nor are you a stock that everyone fears would drop in Stock Market. Calm Down and pat yourself on the shoulder.

When setting your goals, a twenty minutes walk every day can be a better goal than vaguely saying “Losin Weight”. Or deciding to finish “Wahi al-Qalam” by al-Rafei is better than saying “Reading X numbers of books. Keep this in mind, and always calm yourself down.

Do not be afraid of your goal, they say: If you think that you are too small to do anything, try to sleep in your room with only one mosquito…!


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