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Why millions of Brits may not be able to pay their heating bills

The fuel crisis and the gas price rise may mean million households will not be able to pay their heating bills and get plunged into ‘fuel poverty’.

This is Money discusses how the energy crisis is affecting households and what the experts predict might happen in the next few months.

Currently, around four million UK households are on the verge of fuel poverty, unable to afford to heat their homes to the required temperature for a quality life. Factors that contribute to fuel poverty include household income, household energy requirements and fuel prices, says “This is Money”.

Why are prices rising?

The crisis has been caused by several factors, but ultimately is due to the lack of natural gas being produced, with an increase in demand.

Demand has rebounded quickly after the easing of pandemic, but reserves have been slow to refill over this summer with supply from Russia lower than predicted.

There has also been a lower output from renewable sources such as solar power and wind, creating more reliance on gas.

What support is available for households?   

“This is Money” says that anyone struggling with fuel should seek help from their energy supplier. Maybe they can supply them with a longer payment plan.

There are also a few schemes households can benefit from.

Eligible households could get £140 off their electricity bill for winter 2021 to 2022 under the Warm Home Discount Scheme which officially launches on 18 October 2021.

Source: This is Money

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