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What you should know before moving into Sheffield

You may have heard about Sheffield before. The most eco-friendly city in Britain; the greenest city in the United Kingdom, also formerly known as the Steel City.

Sheffield is located in north-central England, in the county of South Yorkshire. Sheffield is the fourth largest city in England, with a population of about 548,028 people.

The city of Sheffield won the title of “Greenest city” in Britain this year. The farms, parks and forests in Sheffield are the most and the largest used areas, which led to it being the cleanest city a Brit could come across!

Sheffield is a city like no other. But before you think about moving in, here are some facts that might help you make your final decision!


Geographic Diversity

What does this mean exactly? Sheffield is built on seven hills, which can be a problem for some. It renders walking and cycling virtually impossible sometimes!


Driving can also be a bit difficult with loads of narrow streets and high mountains.

Sheffield is the most eco-friendly city

Despite these difficulties, Sheffield’s unique geography gives most Sheffield homes a stunning view overlooking the rest of the city.

That sight is mesmerizing with five rivers running through the city, and the three million trees planted in more than 240 parks and forests. In fact, Sheffield has more trees per person than any city in the whole of Europe!

That may just be the reason why Sheffield was voted the most eco-friendly city in the UK.


Home to two football leagues

Sheffield is proud to house both Sheffield United Football Club, and Sheffield Wednesday. Granted, that does lead to inner conflict sometimes with residents torn between their two leagues.

That also means there are two football pitches in the city. In result, traffic can be overwhelming on match days in the two pitches.


Public Transport

Sheffield provides more than one type of public transport. There are buses as well as trams. Some trains can take you all the way to Meadowhall Interchange, where you can visit the most famous shopping centre in Sheffield.

Sheffield is the most eco-friendly city

Plus, the ticket cost for transportation services in Sheffield is not high at all. The most expensive would be four pounds for an entire day for adults. And only about eighty pence a trip for children.


Meadowhall Shopping Centre

Meadowhall has been open since 1990, and it’s the largest shopping centre in Yorkshire, with a floor area of around ​​1.4 million square feet. It has about 290 stores spanning from the best independent store to the most well-known international brands.

It also has about twelve thousand parking spaces. You can easily reach Meadowhall by public transportation or even on foot. Maybe one day you’ll win the lottery and get a helicopter. If you do, Meadowhall got you covered with a Helipad as well!




Sheffield University is among the top 100 best universities in the world and is ranked number 13 in the United Kingdom. Just as there are two football clubs, there are also two major universities in the city.

Hallam University is the second. Within easy reach, Hallam is near a train and a bus station. In fact, its campus is only 5 minutes away from city centre.

And because there are two universities and a lot of other colleges in the city, Sheffield hosts over sixty thousand national and international students.

Since students go home during the summer holidays, the city tends to be a lot less crowded in those few months.


Ethnic diversity

With a population made of 19% non-white individuals, Sheffield is easily considered ethnically diverse. The largest proportion of that percentage come from a Pakistani origin, followed by Indian, Bangladeshi, Somali, Yemeni, and Chinese.

There is also a considerable Muslim presence in the city, and it hosts about 33 mosques.


The Peak District national park

Peak District, which became the first of the national parks of England and Wales in 1951, is the second largest park in Britain. It spans over 1440 square kilometres. The Park is visited by thirteen million visitors a year.

People come from all around the world to have one look at the scenic view of nature.

Around 520 sq km (202 sq miles) is open access land – open to walkers without havingSheffield  to stick to specific paths. People visit Peak District to enjoy many leisure activities such as: walking, climbing, cycling, mountain-biking, spelunking, angling, photography, nature-watching, gliding, and visiting historic houses.


What do you think of Sheffield? Would you like to live in the most eco-friendly city?

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