London’s streets blocked by Albanians protesting Suella Braverman’s offensive remarks

London's streets blocked by Albanians protesting Suella Braverman's offensive remarks

In protest of Suella Braverman’s remarks earlier this month, thousands of Albanians marched from Westminster Bridge towards the Palace of Westminster. In Parliament Square, they draped their national flag over the statue of Winston Churchill.

Suella Braverman and discriminatory treatment of asylum seekers


Suella Braverman
Albanians protest Suella Braverman’s offensive remarks

They requested that the Government respect their human rights and acknowledge that not all Albanians are criminals. The discriminatory treatment Albanian asylum seekers have received from Braverman in recent weeks is increasingly obvious.

According to her, only the Tories are ‘serious’ about stopping the invasion of our southern coast. The UK has received an unprecedented 40,000 migrants this year, with 12,000 Albanians among them.



Last month, the Home Office deported 350 people, more than 100 of whom were Albanians. In response, many Albanians have protested, demanding the government sack Braverman over her discriminatory remarks due to their belief she is targeting them.

Despite the injustices the Albanians felt, many politicians and members of the public opposed the protests, some individuals were even supportive of Braverman’s remarks. For some, this was due to the protest being held on remembrance weekend, many saw the Albanians actions as offensive to the nation.

Nigel Farage expressed his criticism of the protest on, tweeting: ‘These people care nothing for our country or the sacrifices of the past. What is happening in London today is a disgrace!’

Additionally, he attributed this on the politicians’ incompetence.

Another Conservative MP Tom Hunt, added: “How did they think draping their country’s flag over a monument to a national hero was anything but insulting, appalling and counter-productive to what they wanted to achieve?”

Before he added the remarks about the Albanian protesters, Hunt had already made several comments in the house of parliament regarding immigrants in the UK that had already outraged members of the public. 

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