Petrol prices have risen to their highest level in 9 years

Petrol prices have risen to their highest level in 9 years

The automotive services company RAC has said that the UK fuel prices have reached their highest levels since September 2012 at 140.22p per litre.

Prices have now gone up by nearly 26p a litre in just 12 months, according to the Independent. The RAC said the rising cost of oil means drivers are now paying 4p per litre more in VAT than a year ago.

The unprecedented price led experts to urge Ministers to consider, even temporarily, cutting VAT on fuel.




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Syrian refugee celebrates a university place after 4 years of hard work

In 2017, Omar Alsalih and his family fled war-ridden Syria and came to the UK. The young man could not speak English at all 4 years ago. Now, he celebrates acceptance into university.

During his studies at school, Omar managed to pass a number of GCSEs and further qualifications in maths, finance and ceramics, reports Kent Online.

The 20-year-old will be studying architecture at Brighton University. He said that studying ceramics inspired him to pursue architecture and the art of Design.




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British court condemns police for killing the man who threatened people with an axe in 2016

British court has found that police unlawfully killed the man who threatened people with an axe back in 2016.

Lewis Skelton, 31, was shot on the scene of the incident in 2016. An officer decided to open fire on Skelton when he failed to respond to police instructions, reports the BBC.

His family said the jury’s decision confirmed what they had always known, that “the killing of Lewis was wrong”. His sister claimed that “he needed help” but he did not deserve to die.

The police is said to be “disappointed” with the conclusion.


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