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Life expectancy in the UK is dropping

Life expectancy in the UK is dropping
فريق التحرير 14 October 2021

Life expectancy in the UK is dropping

A recent survey shows that life expectancy had dropped in the past decade. Despite the pandemic affecting death rates, the focus of the study was on the years 2002-2019, before the pandemic.

The surveys show that life expectancy in the UK differs from an area to another. Cities such as London still have a long life expectancy, unlike urban areas. (ultram)

In 2019, the gap reached 20 years between a woman living in Camden – where life expectancy was 95.4 years -and another living Leads – where life expectancy was 74.7 years.


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Most influential woman in the UK

Scotland’s First Minister was selected as the most influencing woman in the UK as reported by a study done by The Body Shop.

Nicola Sturgeon came in the top with a staggering 5.2m searches on Google in the UK, Queen Elizabeth II came in second with 1.1m searches.

In the most influential political women, Nicola came in second after the Vice President of USA Kamala Harris.


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When will the gender wage gap end?

A new study shows that the gender wage gap still exists in Great Britain, despite women working percentages being higher.

The study points that women earn less than men worldwide. Even in more affluent countries, especially in the Scandinavian countries which are often presented as more progressive for women.

In the UK, 60% of the key workers are women, 40% of which are being paid less than 10€ in an hour. One of the searchers believes that the cause for that is favoring men over women due to their responsibilities for their families.