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Killer gets 8-year-sentence for driving drugged and killing two women

فريق التحرير 16 October 2021

Daniel Young killed two women from Sheffield while he was driving under the influence of drugs. This comes weeks after he filmed a video titled ‘How to Beat the Speed Cameras’, reports Yorkshire Live.

In a controversial decision, Derby Crown Court gave Young an 8-year-sentence in prison for causing the death of two women. He was driving at 141mph.

According to the Derbyshire Constabulary website, victims of Young’s reckless driving, Ms. Ball, 63, and Ms. Collier, 59, were driving along A6135 when he crashed into them. The accident took place on the 7th of October 2020.

Daniel Young seems to be well-acquainted with dangerous driving as he has filmed a video teaching how to avoid getting caught by speed cameras. Along with his prison sentence, the court has banned him from driving for the next 10 years.

In the beginning of the court case, Young insisted he was innocent. He has now pleaded two counts of causing death by dangerous driving, reports Yorkshire Live. (

Following the sentence, many social media users have been expressing anger towards the “pathetic” sentence. Some pointing out that 8 years are nothing but a joke compared to ending two lives.

One user said: “8 years after knowingly killing two innocents? So, 4 years for each of the women? What is happening to the judicial system?? He ought to have never seen the light of day after what he did.”

Source: Yorkshire Live