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4 must-watch social and religious shows for Arab in UK and Europe on Al Hiwar TV

Al Hiwar TV (www.Alhiwar.tv) shows a number of religious, medical, social, cultural and legal programs on its screen made for Arabs in the UK and Europe that we believe are […]


 Zakat al Fitr (Fitrana) Amount in UK 2022

Zakat al Fitr (also known as Fitrana) is a form of charitable donation given to the poor at the end of the holy month of Ramadan before the Eid prayer. […]


13 events held by the UK’s Arab communities during February and March

The UK’s Arab communities are preparing to hold a multitude of diverse activities and events to help bring Arabs throughout the United Kingdom together and strengthen their ties.   Winter […]


Bill Gates’ daughter marries a Muslim millionaire the Islamic way

Bill Gates’ daughter marries a Muslim millionaire the Islamic way Jennifer Gates, the daughter of millionaire Bill Gates married a Muslim in a secret “religious ceremony”. Saturday night saw Jennifer […]


Try a 30-day wall sit challenge for easy exercise

Workout challenges were very popular in the past 2 years due to lockdowns. Now that most sectors are recovering and people are heading back to work, we lost all that […]


Avoid These Mistakes When Renovating

In the last 18 months, we got to stay home and spend most of our time more than ever. It had become more than a place to just rest, but […]


Concerning effects of FIFA video game: reckless spending and children stealing money

Children who play the FIFA football video game could be facing a lifetime of gambling addiction, experts warned on Saturday. According to the Daily Mail, players have lost thousands of […]


If you see these four signs on your arm, consult a doctor

Many may dismiss these signs that point to blood clots. If you ever notice them, make sure to consult a doctor immediately. There are several signs and symptoms of blood […]


The Art of Hiding Your Identity Online

The internet is developing and expanding every day, and people are unknowingly putting their life on blast using it. That is why one must learn the art of hiding identities […]


Marcus and Helen convert a truck into a solar powered home

Marcus Williams and Helen Ambler spent 18 months and £55,000 to but a trailer and convert into their very solar-powered home. The young couple turned a lorry trailer into their […]


Top Ten: Most expensive streets in London

There are 11,673 streets in London with an average property price in the millions, based on figures from September 2021. Here are the top 10 most expensive out of them. […]


What to do if someone parked on your driveway in the UK?

If you call authorities to report a random car parked on your private driveway, they might not be able to do much. In the Mirror, a car company uncovers a […]


How to have a British wedding with the lowest expenses

A British couple was able to save thousands on their wedding. They hosted the ceremony with the lowest expenses at £4,000 on 130 guests, by using a couple of DIY […]


Mouldy food in your fridge? here’s what you should do

Shortages in preservative carbon dioxide and lorry drivers have cause general upset. It also has a direct effect on fresh produce on store shelves. So, it’s time to think about […]


How do you conserve your car fuel for the longest time?!

Fuel shortages have been wreaking havoc across the UK, and people’s tanks are running on empty. But there are ways to conserve car fuel for the longest time possible. The […]


Grace Hopper cable in the UK: How can Google transfer Internet through the Ocean? 

There is much effort and investment required to achieve the title of “Tech Giant”. In the case of Google and Facebook, that is also an added need to lay down […]


How many working days does it take to buy a new iPhone in the UK?

A new study conducted by Index examines the working hours needed to buy an iPhone all around the world. The study found that people in the UK would need 10.8 […]


University Rankings: Oxford and Cambridge Fall Behind for the First Time

Each year, the Times and the Sunday Times collaborate to put out the extensive “Good University Guide”. In the guide’s 30-year history, Oxford and Cambridge have never been beaten to […]