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UK TREND : Nigel Farage is the new face of  “Brexit has failed” posters

UK TREND : Nigel Farage is the new face of  “Brexit has failed” posters
فريق التحرير 1 June 2023

The anti-Brexit billboards put up across the UK by the campaign group Led By Donkeys have sparked a new nationwide advertising campaign. The initiative aims to draw attention to a statement made by a prominent Eurosceptic during a May interview on the BBC’s Newsnight program.

In the interview, the former leader of the Brexit Party declared that leaving the European Union has proven to be a failure, citing economic disadvantages for Britain. This declaration, along with the sentiment that Brexit promises have been unfulfilled and that the Conservative Party has disappointed, has garnered significant attention.

Brexit has failed

UK TREND : Brexit continues to fail
UK TREND : Brexit continues to fail


On Twitter, the hashtag #BrexitHasFailed has been trending as people across the UK share images of the billboards. Many individuals expressed gratitude to the campaign group for their efforts, indicating their satisfaction with the displayed posters.




The twitter account of the Led By Donkeys campaign group tweeted that the posters are across the UK in cities such as Sunderland, Bolton, Manchester and Middlesbrough. They encouraged individuals that if they see a poster to “ grab a selfie with it and share it with the hashtag” Over 280 thousand people have seen the tweet so far.



A Twitter user delightedly posted a selfie, wearing a smile, alongside one of the eye-catching posters they came across on Seaside Road in the Eastbourne region



Another social media user shared a photograph showcasing one of the posters that boldly states, “Brexit has resulted in an additional £210 on the average yearly food expenses.”

Individuals expressed their joy and satisfaction with the posters, describing them as the epitome of poster perfection.


They took to Twitter to express their endorsement and enthusiasm for the recent campaign by Led by Donkeys, emphasizing its significance and urging others to support it wholeheartedly.



On Twitter, users passionately called for the widespread display of these posters, expressing their desire to see them plastered across numerous locations. They shared their frustration over Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, accusing them of misleading the public to secure support for Brexit, only for Farage to now openly admit its failure.


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