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Try a 30-day wall sit challenge for easy exercise

Workout challenges were very popular in the past 2 years due to lockdowns. Now that most sectors are recovering and people are heading back to work, we lost all that free time to exercise.

One woman found a way to incorporate a bit of physical activity in her day. She wrote about her experience doing a 30-day wall sit challenge in Stylist magazine. It may just inspire you to follow suit.

Most office or remote workers end up spending the majority of their day sitting at a desk. According to NHS England, the average UK adult spends around nine hours a day in a sitting position. This is concerning for many reasons. Firstly, medical research has found that too much sitting can lead to back pain, anxiety, obesity and even blood clots. Research also shows that long-term inactivity is responsible for about one in six UK deaths, says the Stylist.

Benefits of Wall Sits 

Wall sits are great for gradually increasing strength and muscular endurance in your legs. Not to mention it can strengthen core muscles and boost overall stamina and endurance.

The Stylist quoted biomechanics coach Anthony Fletcher on the effect of wall sits on training. “Isometric exercises such as wall sits are a great tool to keep our tendons healthy,” he explains. “Runners need to do slow, loaded movements in order to keep the tendons healthy because they do thousands of fast movements every time they hit the floor.

“The good thing about wall sits is that as they’re isometric, they’re relatively risk-free and can be incorporated within your training to build endurance without tiring you out too much,” he adds.

How to do a wall sit correctly?

How Long should you do a wall sit for?

Test for how long you are able to maintain a steady wall sit, and aim for 70% of that a time. For example, if you are able to do a wall sit for 60 seconds, aim for around 45 seconds for one session then repeat it twice daily. Your time total would be around 2 minutes 25 seconds a day.


Doing wall sits for 30 days will not only improve strength in muscle and stamina. It will also give you a very satisfied sense of pride. You may even find yourself continuing to incorporate it in your deskbound days.

Source: Stylist

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