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“My thobe, My history!”

"My thobe, My history!"
"My thobe, My history!"
The campaign "My thobe, My history!" had been trending on different Social Media platform for the past few days.

Every country has its own traditional clothes, they are unique in a way that you can tell which country they belong to without asking. So when you see the princess-like dress, embroidered in gold, with a matching wide belt, you can tell its the Moroccan Quftan.

The Palestinian TV channel, showing most of Palestine’s cultures and heritages, had recently started a campaign in response to Israel claiming the 500 years-old Palestinian thobes are part of their culture and history.

The campaign “My thobe, My history!” had been trending on different Social Media platform. the campaign had brought back feelings we have long forgot.

We used pray for Palestine’s freedom, but now we are praying for Syria, Sudan, Lebanon, and Iraq. But dream sometimes are forgotten



The Palestinian thobe is more than a traditional dress, it is a way that each city used to celebrate their heritages. You can tell by the orange embroidery on the Thobe that it is made by citizens of Yafa!

And when you see a Thobe with embroidery on it, you can tell that she works in farming in the mountains.

As for women in the center of the country, they don’t usually work so you can find their thobe is heavy with embroidery.


"My thobe, My history!"
“My thobe, My history!


The Palestinian thobe is more than a traditional dress, it had seen blood and war, it had covered the body of martyrs before the cold soil on the ground did. but It had also seen weddings, happiness, and pride.

My grandma had gifted me one on my wedding day, and I have in return given it to my daughter. and I left a note saying: “Your – Grandma – thobe had not been stolen from you, and it will never be stolen from me.

I encourage all Palestinian women to wear the traditional thobe, claiming our heritage, claiming our history.



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