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Let us Join Hands

Let us Join Hands (Pixabay)

Upon watching scenes of poverty often aired on Arab channels, one might sympathize, and some might shed a few tears. Such depictions of penury might touch the heart of the viewer, inducing a sense of gratitude to the producers and a firing disdain for authorities who neglect their people to this degree.

But are these depictions truly necessary?

Stop airing poverty

مظاهر الفقر في برامج التلفزيون
Airing poverty (Pixabay)


Yes, we might be grateful to those who looked for these impoverished families and taped their struggles to urge all to donate. However, if I had been given the choice, I would never have chosen to air these scenes.


My heart breaks to see a grown man crying in some of them, and it strikes me that those tears could be a result of a wounded pride, rather than his everyday struggles with poverty.

Poor Leadership

فشل وفساد الحكومات يفاقم معاناة الفقراء
The failure and corruption of governments increase the poor’s suffering (Pixabay)


Losing the ability to provide for yourself and your family is one of the most gruelling challenges humans can face. The problem that often presents itself with these depictions is their display of Arab countries’ poor state and the authorities’ incompetency in providing for their people as commanded by Allah.


Widespread poverty is a direct result of the prevalence of corruption in society, where the greed of the few suddenly outweighs the needs of the many.


It is a country riddled with corruption which sees a few receiving a salary far beyond their needs, while others must work day and night and resort to loans to secure the bare minimum for their families.


One cannot deny the existence of people who refuse to work out of their own accord; but the issue I raise does not concern them. Rather, I mean to single out those who work, strive, and toil, yet do not receive fitting payment or appreciation in return.


We have been born into a system of classes – that is our harsh reality. Nonetheless, principles of humanity remain persistent, and we see that in people’s efforts in donating to charity and helping others when they can.


Authorities cannot be held fully responsible, and we cannot sit still to the day they might overhaul their management practices. That is likely to take a long time – if ever.


That is why we as people must unite in these difficult times. People have always come together through love, sympathy and charity, and that must never be exclusive to the holy month alone.

Omar has died


And if they asked you about the justice in the lands of the Muslims, say to them, ‘Omar has died’.


Let us not forget them all year long, only to check up on them during the blessed month of Ramadan.


Let us dedicate a portion of our dua’a to our leaders, asking Allah to open their eyes, soften their hearts toward their people, and remind them of his commands as stated in the hadith Qudsi: “All of you are shepherds, and every one of you is responsible for his herd.”


I write these words with tears streaming down my eyes as my thoughts carry me back to the time of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab and his admirable sense of responsibility. How different would our lives be today should our leaders follow in his footsteps.


One can only wonder How they can sleep at night – above all in Ramadan when even the coldest of hearts tremble for the woes of the neglected.


How can these holy days not awaken their consciousness to their people’s hunger, their suffering, and their shivering breaths? How can it fail to remind them of a day in which all mankind will stand naked under Allah’s judgment?


How can they be living contently while those whom God has entrusted to them are coiling in pain and sorrow, poverty and deprivation?


If the question is, how can we reduce poverty in the world? The answer is to hold ourselves accountable first and foremost.



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