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Feeling Safe!

Feeling Safe!
Feeling Safe! (Unsplash)

Days are going by faster now than ever, and every day it changes faster than the day before … leaving us feeling lost and unsafe.

Fear of ourselves and our surroundings … and fear of planning for the future.

Between fearing of losing our lives to the virus that took over the world overnight, to fearing a world war three and the threat of world destruction.

The truth is we are not afraid of death itself, as we are facing the inevitable with our faith and beliefs.

But we fear to see the ugly side of the world using ready destructive weapons to kill and blow up countries and continents. All in the name of power and arrogance.


Feeling Safe!
Feeling Safe! (Unsplash)


Feeling Stable

Since the beginning of time, Allah had been kind to the ignorant people in the age of Jahiliyeh and then honored them with Islam, as He says: (who has given them food against hunger and made them safe from danger.) [Surah: Quraish:4]

Feeling safe and stable, having food on our table, are what we all hope for and are grateful for having. But is what many people pray day and night for.


Feeling Safe!
Feeling Safe! (Unsplash)


In many countries, a father does not feel safe sending his daughter to the nearby store, of fear of her getting kidnapped for a ransom or worse!

Even their own homes do not feel safe at night as they take turns guarding the houses of what little weapons they have.

The simple act of sleeping is a privilege to them, fearing nightmares and night terrors.

Indeed, the feeing of security, safety, and stability is one of the greatest blessings, and the Prophet (PBUH) mentioned it in his hadith: “Whoever among you feels safe, stable, and healthy has owned the whole world.”

These days, we only hope to god that He is by our side in what might become in the future. With the rising of prices, the hardships in life, unprodecited wars, and more to come!


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