Thousands of new jobs in British Airways, Whitebread and Morrison’s

Many people lost their jobs due to covid-19 in 2020. Now many are rehiring by the thousands, including British Airways, Whitebread and Morrison. The Times has reported on job vacancies across three respectable establishments in the UK.

British Airways laid off around 10,000 staff members – a third of its workforce – last year. Understandable, considering the travel sector was hit quite hard by the pandemic in 2020. Now, BA is looking to hire 3,000 cabin crew.

BA has begun offering new cabin crew jobs from next summer, according to the Financial Times.

5000 Thousand Jobs in the Service Sector

Meanwhile, two of Britain’s best-known companies have launched recruitment drives that – joined together – would provide 5,000 new jobs.

Whitbread’s Premier Inn chain is taking on 2,000 new hotel employees, while Morrisons, the supermarket chain, is hiring 3,000 staff ahead of the festive season.

According to The Times, Whitbread has recently announced a pay raise for its hourly-paid staff. The increase in wages will put their worker’s rate above both the minimum wage and the living wage. Barclays conducted an analysis that estimated the pay rise to cost Whitbread an extra £12.5 million a year.

A year ago, Whitbread announced up to 6,000 redundancies across its hotels and restaurants, although less than two months later the total had been pared back to only 1,500, partly thanks to the extension of the furlough scheme and progress on vaccination.

The Times quoted Morrisons claiming that the new positions would be in its distribution centres and manufacturing sites across the UK rather than in its 496 supermarkets.

Source: The Times

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